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Ideal product for the coating of eclairs
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How to use

Heat the required quantity of fondant on a warm bath (or in a microwave) to a heating temperature of 60-70 degrees C.

For the tempering of the fondant and getting better glossy effect add up to 10% hard vegetable oil. This way the fondant is ready to be used.

Apply with a confectionery brush the fondant in order to glaze the eclair. This way you will get thin and even covering.

Do not dilute the fondant with water. Even a couple of drops of water can ruin the effect that you want.

Before putting the glazed with fondant eclairs in a fridge, put the eclairs on a dry and ventilated place until the glaze on the eclair hardens. Then you will be able to package the eclairs or to put them in a fridge.
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