Private Label

If private branding is cost effective way for your production of a product without big investments in large scale production equipment, designers, personnel for the assurance of quality or the development of a special delivery network, by using our production help we can offer you a wide range of products with your own private label, constant high quality and competitive pricing.

Custom Made Recipes

At the request of our customers from the EU, our research and development team developed new high-quality and popular products such as diet chocolate, diet cocoa creams, Lemon and Pistachio compound couverture in drops that reflect some of the new trends in the demand for confectionery consumables.

We are your reliable partner in the development of innovative products and you can always count on our extensive years of professional experience.


We are manufacturers with many years of experience. We produce high-quality products.
Our production facilities can fulfill both small and large volume orders, to satisfy the need of all our potential customers.

We have introduced IFS Food - an international standard for assessing the conformity of products and processes in terms of food safety and quality, thereby maintaining the highest levels of food safety, and building consumer confidence in the products they buy from us.

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