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ILCHOVSKI 94 is a Bulgarian company with many years of experience in the production of confectionery supplies. Established in Varna, Republic of Bulgaria, in 1995.

The Company is engaged in the production of: fondant for cakes and eclairs; 18 types of cold glazes; thermostable cream; cocoa and chocolate cake icing; confectionery sprinkles and finely ground powdered sugar; Rose Delight with excellent taste; sliced peanuts; caramelized coconut; peanut crocant; coated peanuts with cheese, bacon, wasabi, BBQ, cream and green; tortilla chips and others.

Our products were awarded gold and silver medals at the World Food Moscow Exhibition in 2011 and 2012.

ILCHOVSKI 94 is a preferred partner and main supplier to many confectionery manufacturers, hotels, restaurants and wholesalers within Bulgaria and worldwide.

Guaranteed High Quality

Continuous quality control guaranteed by the implemented HACCP system.

Modern Technologies

In the manufacturing process we use modern technologies and equipment.

Tasty and Healthy

With the use of GMO-free products, we create culinary delights tailored to healthy eating.

Loyal Partner

You can rely on us as a loyal and reliable partner. We would be happy to cooperate with you!

Cold Glaze

Cold confectioner’s glaze used to add flavour and glossy effect to cakes, rolls, eclairs and other pastry products.

Excellent flavour and glossy effect combined with bright colours.

Easy to use.

Flavours: Caramel, Cocoa, Toffee Caramel, Strawberry, Raspberry, Brulee, Lemon, Orange, Forest Fruit, Crystalline, Tiramisu, Milky Cocoa, White Vanilla, Coconut.

Silver medal winner at the International Food Exhibition World Food Moscow, 2012.

Cocoa Cream

White, dark and thermostable cocoa cream for direct use, cake and pastry decoration, croissant and wafer filling.

Thermostable: suitable for semi-finished products designed to be frozen and baked.

Confectionery Sprinkles

Used for decoration of cakes, sweets, creams, ice creams and more.

Types: Natural, Milky, Brown, White, Coloured.

Confectionery Coating Chips

Confectionery lauric and non-lauric coatings in the form of coins. Suitable for glazing and filling of cakes, wafers, eclairs, sweets and other confectionery products. Tailored to the season.

Types: White, Brown, Milky, and Natural with 7, 9 and 15 % content of high-quality cocoa.

Caramelized Granulated Peanut

Calibrated, caramelized peanuts, with 2–4 mm and 4–6 mm size.

Suitable for decoration of cakes, ice creams and other confectionery products.

Rose Delight

Bulgarian Rose Delight is well known all over the world. Its pleasant flavour and delicate aroma have won the trust of a wide range of consumers. Glucose, contained in Rose Delight, supports the heart function and improves the functioning of the brain. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

Perfectly pairs with tea, coffee, semi-dry and dessert wines.

Sliced Peanuts

Sliced, blanched peanuts used for decoration, coating of cakes and other confectionery products.

Origin: Argentina.

Tortilla Chips

A snack food made of corn and wheat flour, sugar, salt and spices, in a modern conical shape.

Incredibly delicious chips of a new generation.

Coated Peanuts

Peanuts covered with crispy crust and delicious mix of spices, prepared according to a special recipe.

Flavours: Bacon, BBQ, Wasabi, Cheese, Cream and green.

Gold medal winner at the International Food Exhibition World Food Moscow, 2011.

Product Demonstration Video

Product Demonstration Video

Anatoliy Ilchovski

Anatoliy Ilchovski

Founder and CEO

Mobile: +359 88 5562893

Tatyana Ilchovska

Tatyana Ilchovska

Sales Manager

Mobile: +359 88 5562849

Nikola Ilchovski

Nikola Ilchovski

Sales Manager

Mobile: +359 88 6704490

Zdravka Kostova

Zdravka Kostova

Sales Expert

Phone: +359 52 636626



8, Balgarski orel str.

Varna, 9004


Working hours: Mon - Fri | 8:30 - 17:00

Phone: +359 52 636626

Mobile: +359 88 5562849

e-mail: office@ilchovski-94.com


Anatoliy Ilchovski

Mobile: +359 88 5562893

e-mail: anatoliy.ilchovski@ilchovski-94.com